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Pay Tax and Court Debt With the Internet Payment Agreement


Internet Payment Agreement Disclaimer


You may pay in full or create a pay plan.

Payment Options

            Credit/Debit Card (only for single payments to be processed on the same day).

            Direct Debit from checking or savings account.

            Check or money order


You will need

            Most recent debt notice you received.

            A blank check or savings account information for direct debit payments. (Iowa no longer accepts payments from accounts outside the United States).

            Social Security Number of bank account holder.

Changing a plan: If you need to change a plan after you set it up here, call the number on your most recent debt notice.

Getting Started: To set up a payment agreement and pay your taxes online, read and accept the Terms of Payment Agreement below and click to continue.

Questions?  Please send your questions or comments to

Privacy Statement

Terms of Payment Agreement

Maximum payment term is 24 months.


Minimum monthly payment is $10.00.


Any state or federal tax refund or state vendor payment will still be offset and applied to the amount due.


Estimated Interest will be calculated, however, the final payment will reflect the actual amount due.


Any new liability will break the agreement and the full balance will become due immediately.


If you elect payments to come directly from your bank account, the first payment will take several days to process before it comes out of your account.


If you ask for a bank or credit card payment to come out using the 29, 30, or 31st of the month, we will assume you are asking for the last day of the month and will adjust for months with fewer days. For instance, the February payment will come out on the 28th.


Setting up a pay plan will not change your rights to appeal the liability within the time frame allowed by law.


Call the number on your most recent bill if you need to change the payment plan once it is approved.


There is a convenience fee added if you choose to pay by credit card. Official Payments is the vendor that handles credit card payments for the Department. Credit card payments will be charged on the day you provide the credit card information. Our vendor can't delay to a future date.


Once this payment plan is approved, no further legal actions will be taken by the Department of Revenue as long as all payments are made timely. If this is a court debt, the courts may take action to suspend your driver's license. If so, contact our assigned collector so we can advise the clerk to stop that action. (This can take 10 days or longer.)


Failure to make scheduled payments timely may result in additional collection efforts at the end of your appeal period. This may include a block to prevent licensing any vehicle, filing of a lien, sanctions on any professional license, and levies on wages and bank accounts.


If you have additional debt not reflected in the amount due, call the number on your last billing notice to ask that it be added to your pay plan.


I accept the terms and continue.


I do not accept the terms and exit.